Community cuts through COVID

King’s College London

King’s College London is ranked in the top 25 Universities in the world and amongst the oldest in the UK. With more than 27,600 students from over 150 countries worldwide, it also has an amazing and diverse student body. As a research centre, KCL has been ranked as the 7th best in the UK by the Times Higher Education rankings.


Research & Insight, Event Marketing & Recruitment Marketing




We partnered with KCL to help build their future student engagement strategy and freedom of speech guidelines- with the aim of building a strong KCL community. To do this, they needed help recruiting a wide range of students to attend in-depth focus groups. With their traditional student engagement channels gone due to COVID, they needed a new way of reaching young people. 


We partnered with high profile student societies to co-create a virtual student event on free speech, inviting interesting speakers and students to participate. We then partnered with over 15 student influencers who studied at KCL to drive attendance to the event. Through an on-screen QR code during the event, we are then able to sign-up all students interested in free speech and student engagement for the KCL workshops.

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