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EY Foundation

As a leading brand, EY Foundation works to give young people the skills, experiences and support they need to get the jobs they really want. 


Social Media Strategic Consultancy & now moving into phase 2 of the project with content creation



Becoming the go-to for young people looking to enter the world of work online.


We partnered with EY Foundation to provide a social media strategy that will help position them as the go-to for providing careers support to young people on social media. However, after previously speaking to multiple audiences through their content, EY Foundation needed a new strategy for this new virtual world.

Importantly, for the first phase of work, they wanted to be taught everything they could about social media throughout this process and wanted to manage their social media pages and content creation in-house.


To achieve our objectives, we began with a thorough research and workshop phase. Through a series of interviews and workshops, we spoke to the EYF team to get to the heart of how they work now and where they’re heading in the future.

These workshops, alongside our research into competitors and speaking to young people, informed our approach and enabled us to create a new social media and content strategy for their pages.
This hinged on the pillars of having the right mindset, breaking down the application process and interview process. We then worked with them on ways to bring these pillars to life through content and presented everything to the team.

We’re now moving onto phase 2 of our work through content creation, growing their followers and engagement and linking this work to their programmes.

“Half-Full have helped us really understand how we can start to achieve our long-term objectives of becoming the go-to for young people looking to start their career. We’ve never had a clear idea of what content we should be creating or what would attract young people to follow us, but we’re already seeing a jump in engagement from that audience and our youth ambassadors love our new direction”

Ewan Bennie, Director of Communications

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